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  • Hydrolysed whey protein

    So I'm due to re-stock my usual WPC powder (I normally buy the cheap unflavoured stuff because it's versatile in cooking and contains 2.5 g Leucine/scoop which is okay). I'm toying with getting a bag of "hydrolysed whey" in addition as a post-workout supplement, on the basis that it is supposed to be digested faster and more completely (I normally train fairly late). I don't seem to have any issues with digesting whey or lactose, so "ease of digestion" probably isn't an issue for me. The hydrolysed whey is ~40% more expensive than the basic WPC, and seems to have about the same content of protein and BCAAs.

    Just typing this out has more-or-less convinced me not to buy the stuff, but does anyone have any credible anecdata or research about the efficacy of the more-highly hydrolysed protein supplements?

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    Think about it from the perspective of long-term results. Do you really think that taking hydrolysed whey is going to give you better, measurable results over the long term than regular whey? What kind of results would you need to get over the long term to justify paying 40% more for it?

    Quality WPC and WPI is pricey enough already for me, and it works just fine. The studies all prove that it provides a muscle protein synthesis response when used at the proper dosage. As such, what further effect do you hope to get out of more expensive hydolysed whey if the stuff you already have does EXACTLY what studies show a quality protein is supposed to do? How does faster absorption (if that is even true) really do anything for you anyway? Just because faster is better? I obviously don't buy any of that marketing crap.
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      Not worth the money.