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    Hey Everyone!

    This thread has been created for those subscribed to our Monthly Research Review e-mail list. Each month we will send out a list of recommended articles to read related to the topics of pain and rehab. We also have a recommended reading list for clinicians that can be found here: (this list is regularly updated).

    If you are not currently subscribed to the email list, please email [email protected] with the subject line "Monthly Research Review".

    Just a few ground rules:

    1. Please be sure to read the article(s) before creating a thread or commenting.
    2. Don't be a dick.

    That's honestly about it.

    Also - if you've not heard of sci-hub, check it out for articles that aren't open access.

    Looking forward to discussing the articles with everyone!
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    Sorry if this question has already been answered, but is there a way to get access to the full text of the articles posted in the forum? I noticed most of the articles posted are from the British Journal of Sports Medicine and they require you to pay for the full text or get a yearly subscription. I didn't know if there was a free way of getting access to these texts to join in on the discussions.


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      Thanks, Mike. I haven't been reading studies for several years, and didn't know about sci-hub. That's an interesting Robin Hood story behind all of that.

      FWIW, I chose a malware checking site ( and ran the homepage
      All is clear there... as of today.

      Next, I searched for an article from your list ("... Not-So-Incidental Harms..."). The scan of the resulting page says they get a 403 Forbidden error.
      I then scanned the url for the embedded pdf of the article. That also gives a 403.

      Should that be alarming? Probably not, since the scan is probably telling sci-hub that it's a robot (in its user-agent string). Doing a websearch to see if sci-hub is safe turned up zero reports of malware, as you likely already would know.

      Then I ran my AV on the downloaded pdf, that shows no malware. I think it was worthwhile checking, and all seems well.