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Piriformis syndrome and training?

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  • Piriformis syndrome and training?

    Hi Barbell Medicine crew!

    So, this is my second cycle on the bridge. I am on week 4.
    Last week, I had a weird pain in my glute when I locked out my deadlift. It only occurs when I lock out my deadlift. This goes the same for my squat. There is no pain when I go into the hole, but there is pain when I "lock" the squat out.
    I work at a rehab clinic and asked my pt what they thought. They said piriformis syndrome. I was wondering. what your take on this is.

    Should I keep training at lower RPE? Should I just stop altogether? the pain only happens during the lockout portion. I can perform daily activities without pain.

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    Im no PT but I don't think that the "Piriformis syndrome" diagnosis is very well defined.
    Your plan sounds great! Use RPE and hell if you have to deadlift with a bar do it. Movement & training is better than not and gradual re-introduction to more weight and volume should help you.


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      Sounds good, thank you.