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Loser back rehab template for herniated disc

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  • Loser back rehab template for herniated disc


    I am writing this for my girlfriend.

    She is a 29 year old female, have been active her entire life (running, swimming, weightlifting, crossfit, basketball).

    End of 2017, she starts feeling some numbness into her legs, lower back pain that she describes as *electric shocks*. Her doctor sends her to have an MRI. Results comeback, she has an herniated disc, L5-S1, doctor tells her she has the back of a 50 year old person. After the initial panic, she starts weightlifting with me again, sees her physical therapist (who is a great help, encourage her to exercise with progressive overload, step back when pain reappears, and start again).

    Fast forward over a year later, she's made progress, but she still has some episode of high pain and what she describe as *electric shocks*. Problem is, the episodes are starting to be more frequent recently and she's feeling quite discouraged. It saddens me to see her that way.

    My question is, considering the history I presented and her medical situation, would the back rehab template be of any help to her?

    Thank you for your time.

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    Made a mistake in the title, meant to be *lower back* and not *loser back* if a moderator could correct it and delete this message, please


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      The rehab template + consult would definitely help because Mike being a person of authority would help undo some of the narratives the doctor suggested and also get a solid plan to return to progress and activity with hopefully lower pain experiences. That being said what are you guys doing for programming? If you guys are doing anything at high intensities or high rep ranges shes not accustomed to then that maybe a reason for her discomfort.