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SBD Lever belt vs Inzer Forever belt

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  • SBD Lever belt vs Inzer Forever belt

    Hey guys thoughts on these belts and which ones you prefer currently using SBD.

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    I dont use either belt, i bought a generic 13mm 4" belt from amazon and have it today. Works great. Good luck with your decision though.


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      I’ve used only inzer 13mm lever and I love them.


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        Hi, I have the SBD lever belt and I really like it. Obviously, the main advantages are:

        1. super easy to adjust
        2. super easy to take on & off
        3. you never have to unbuckle a lever belt. lock it down while lifting and loosen with one movement when in between sets.

        A few comments: it is very thick and stiff. I've been using mine for a couple years and I'm not sure you could categorize it as "broken in" (in that it hasn't changed shape at all to conform to me).

        Make sure you measure where you wear a lifting belt, not your pants size. While each size has a pretty wide range of adjustment, you don't want to get one too small.
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