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Disk bulge and lifting weights

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  • Disk bulge and lifting weights

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    Hi Rafay,

    Firstly just to let you know, you've posted in the unmoderated forum, not the Pain & Rehab Q/A with Drs. Miles, Ray, and Amato, which can be found here:

    Also, it looks like the text in your post has ended up in the title of the photo, not the normal comment section.

    I'm sorry to hear you've been having these back issues. While I'm not qualified to give you advice, you might be interested to know that researchers have looked at MRIs of people with no back pain and found that, at your age, about a third of people have the "abnormalities" found on your MRI. So if about a third of people have an MRI that looks like yours, but don't have back pain, it seems to suggest that your MRI is not something to be too worried about.

    So what can you do about it in the gym? Dr Baraki has spoken about a 4 step process to help you which you can find here:

    4 Steps For Managing Pain In The Gym - Austin Baraki

    Hope this helps

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