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Back Tweaks After Chronic Pain

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  • Back Tweaks After Chronic Pain

    Hello guys!

    I'd just like to start off by saying that I love your work. I'm currently studying Kinesiology and I spend hours on here reading the forums and watching your videos because of how scientific your approach is. I love it!

    I've just come off a chronic Patter 1 Low Back injury working with a physio (told me my hip abductors and transverse rectus aren't firing) and constantly re-reading Doctor Baraki's article on Aches and Pains.

    Today I was deadlifting and I tweaked my back right off the floor for the second week in a row. It's an acute pain instead of chronic.

    Not sure exactly what to do. I'm continuing moving, trying to sit with better posture but I'm not sure if I should give myself a week off lower body work to let everything "recover," or do very non-specific variations that cause 0 pain (i.e. front squats.)

    Thanks guys! I'm only trying to lift heavy because of how you inspired me

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    Sorry you haven't got a reply yet. If you're after a response from the Barbell Medicine crew specifically, head over to the Pain & Rehab Q&A.

    With that said, here are some resources I think you'll find helpful:

    Why Back Tweaks Hurt - And What To Do About Them (Austin Baraki)

    4 Steps For Managing Pain In The Gym - Austin Baraki

    Does Posture Correction Matter? -
    - this is quite a long article, so here's the take home message:
    "It may sound strange to many readers, but many experts don’t think the idea of “poor posture” has any validity or utility at all — that there is essentially no such thing. "

    Good luck man, let us know how things go


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      So sorry about the pain. I hope the materials been shared with you are helpful. If not, you can try the Child’s Pose yoga. To perform Child’s Pose, start on all fours, then stretch back, resting your bottom on your feet. Your arms should stay extended with your hands on the floor. This will create a stretch in your lower back. Hold this pose for 30 seconds, then return to your starting position. Repeat five times.