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Forearm pain Bjj

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  • Forearm pain Bjj

    Ever since i started going to bjj (started 2 weeks ago) i started to get forearm pain. I feel it the most when overheadpressing, benching or doing any grip exercises. My lifts went down a little but i can push threw it.
    The pain is located on the shaft of the ulna. What should i do?


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    IG / YT


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      You should get that checked out. It might be nothing but it might be something serious as well. I personally have had a lot of chronic joint pain for a while because I have some injuries from years of training. I have went to my GP and he told me that I have some really noticeable wear to my joints that is why it hurts. I have been doing physical therapy and I have been an every day visitor at the chiropractor. It does help to do physical therapy but what I also do is I use kratom. It really is helping me and it kind of takes away all the pain and all the discomfort that I have without getting me high which might affect my every day performance at work. I have tried a lot of different types of kratom in the past but the one that I have been using these days and the one that I prefer the most is maeng da kratom. I feel like it fits me the best and I have been feeling a lot better on less dosages. If you never tried it you should give it a swing.
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