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  • Shoulder Incident

    Hello all,

    First post, based on an initial post dropped on the Facebook group. Today I come back in search of help to better understand what could have happened to my shoulder.

    Had a self prescripted LTE once a week (been working on my own programming for the last few months based on online coaching experience, available educative resources and template studies), it had been moving well as an accessory lift for my upper body - pressing days. Had been working a 4x8 at a total weight of 88 lbs and at the beginning of the first working set, on the second rep I failed to stay tight and heard my left shoulder pop like 4 times, this happened as I was fighting the bar back to my belly, on the ascent. My first impressions being new to this experience: "my shoulder just popped out", "how come did my shoulder just popped like that and am not in big pain". Uppon a range of motion test it was not bad; flexion - extension - ad and abduction fine with no pain, just a sensitive pinch at the furthest end of the roms.

    Took antiinflamatorios that night and was even able to complete my lower body session of deads and pin low-bar squats next day.

    Three days later I headed to the physiotherapist for a check up. Am totally unaware of physios procedures and methods but do understand these methods may not be educated on the latest information available nor compatible with the training methods of the strength. He explored with fingers my shoulder surface and to find sensitive areas of which he found one, pressed down with a finger and took my arm to long range of motion and a click sounded, felt odd but apparently whatever I had, had been fixed, a tendon was put back in place according to him. Next few days where tough, in rest I was in pain. One member of the Facebook group suggested to read the article on pain while training and the shoulder series, it did help al lot, if fact a lot what it affirms is a smart approach to deal with pain, programming modifications into the entry points, etc. resound with my own personal approach. But there are still some points I would like some guidance or comments, if possible:

    - I could low-bar squat the day after the incident, I could not after the physios check up
    - The tension low or even high bar squat outs in the the rear and front delt is enough to cause acute pain (switched to front squats)
    - Do you think the physio could have screwed something in there?

    I had not even tried overhead presses until two days ago (incident happened over 2 weeks ago) and they moved well. Had to deIoad my pressing main and assistance excerssises from super satisfactory numbers to me 250 lbs and 152 lbs (bench and overhead).

    I have definitely experienced improvement, but honestly is my squatting what has me worried.

    Am not looking for online diagnosing, just comments on similar situations and advise on how should I continue to smartly deal with this.

    Thanks in advance,

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    I'd keep front squatting and maybe even high bar for the time being before slowly introducing low bar into the mix. I cant say with any assurance if the PT indeed did or did not make anything worse but idk how he'd put a tendon back into its "place". That statement is kinda suspect. Either way good luck, i think you have all the tools you need.