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supraspinatus tendon tear - PRP vs Surgery

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  • supraspinatus tendon tear - PRP vs Surgery

    First time poster, for the last 10-12 months I have been suffering a tendon tear in my shoulder (as of now it is 6mm), anything to do with having the shoulder @ 90 degrees in ER and Abdction is a no go, but anything to do with flexion in the saggital plane (landmine press), is totally fine. After months and months of physio and isometrics and cortonse has not helped the pain or ROM at all and my specialists had said it was time to take the next step of PRP or surgery. I have opted for PRP first as I want to try the most non-invasive method first before going through all surgery procedure and recovery process which im trying to avoid at all cost (leaving that option to the last resort)

    I was wondering if anyone has dealt with any tendon tears and used PRP to improve/help the issue (even better if it was the shoulder), would love to peoples experiences from themselves, friends or patients that have gone through the PRP route and have come out of it with positive or negative experiences and long-term results

    Thanks guys
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    Here are some relevant BBM articles:

    Pain in training: What do?

    Shoulder, Part IV: The Rotator Cuff Teardown

    and one from

    Does Platelet-Rich Plasma Injection Work?

    I would also strongly encourage you to consider a remote consult with BBM (intake paperwork here). I'm not associated with BBM so I have no incentive to say this other than that you've been dealing with this for a while and may have been provided some unrealistic expectations/narratives that would be best worked through via a consult.