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LBP Rehab 13 weeks post injury

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  • LBP Rehab 13 weeks post injury

    Hey yall, another low back pain story for everyone to read,

    I am 5'9 240lbs age 21 and compete in powerlifting. About 13.5 weeks ago (August 28, 2020) I injured my low back while deadlifting going for a new 3rm and haven't had much success in terms of returning to normal training since then. I pull sumo and during this set i had completed the first 2 reps without any issue and no warning signs of an incoming injury. I used straps on the first 2 reps and took them off for the 3rd and used a mixed grip (something I do to train my grip) and about 2 inches off the floor on rep 3 I felt 2-3 small pops in my lower right back. They didn't cause any pain in the moment or even immediately after the set but the pain crept up rather quick in the minutes following. I was unable to complete my back-offs due to this but I did finish doing my chin-ups and curls. The rest of the day wasn't terrible, pain didn't get any worse until the next day. I woke up and my back was incredibly stiff to the point where getting out of bed was a major challenge. Any movement caused pain in the low back and at one point when getting out of bed the pain was so bad it knocked the wind out of me and caused me to let out a yelp. I was bed ridden the rest of that day and the day after (saturday and sunday). The Monday following the injury the pain was about the same maybe a little better and I completed my bench workout as prescribed with no issues. I did some light squats with the bar unable to reach full depth but with minimal to no pain. I decided I would run a short NLP and try to return to normalish weights in about 4 weeks. At week 4(September 26) I was able to squat 385 with no notable back pain but some pain in right hip/piriformis but when it came around to deadlifts I pulled 405 for what was the slowest rep of my life. I was able to complete the rep but had extreme back and hip pain on my right side again as a result. Since then I have been lifting very light weights and tried running another NLP back from 95 pounds on both squat and deadlifts with no luck of the pain improving. I am here at week 13 and am still deadlifting 135 and even 95 for sets of 10 with pain in the same low back and hip area. I have read a lot of BBM articles on pain in training but and still stuck in this rut. How do I progress from here? This trial and error process has been very frustrating and I am stuck in this endless loop and just want out. Should I buy the Back Pain Rehab Template?

    Previous maxes were 570 Squat 402 Bench 606 Deadlift