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Covid and recovery

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  • Covid and recovery


    I am down with Covid right now despite trying to avoid it like the plague. I've had what doctors would call mild symptoms for about a week now: extreme fatigue, loss of taste and smell and headaches that come and go. My blood oxygen levels and heartbeat have been normal this whole time.

    With so many stories of long covid I am wondering if there is anything I can do try to avoid the symptoms getting chronic. Strong post-infection symptoms seem to be a hallmark of this illness. Is there generally any rule on who develops these and why?

    At what sort of tempo should I get back to physical excersise?

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    I cant really speak about the biological part of your question, but what two of my friends did, one of which who I "coach", we just took it slowly with his return to activity.
    He started on his own during his second week with it by doing body weight squats and push ups at home. When he returned to the gym, we pretty much just did the first week of the bridge for two weeks with the second week adding one back off set.

    Hope you feel better soon and that you're not an outlier with long covid.