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Injury Resolution: Prolonged Anterior Hip Pain from [email protected] Deadlifts

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  • Injury Resolution: Prolonged Anterior Hip Pain from [email protected] Deadlifts

    Hey all,

    Just following up on this post from the Training Q/A moderated training forums: Entering Hypertrophy I with Minor Injury

    It seems that my follow-up got accidentally stuck in moderator approval purgatory, so I'm just posting the follow-up here just in case anyone has a case similar to mine and is looking for a plan to work through the injury.

    Here's the follow-up / resolution post:

    Hey - just wanted to report how everything turned out for me.

    As discussed, I started Hypertrophy I and kept all squats and deadlifts to either tempo or paused variations without a belt. Had some minor tenderness during some sets, but once the adrenaline kicked in I didn't feel anything. The absolute weight was so much lighter, given the rep range and paused+tempo variations, that my injury wasn't being aggravated.
    • Around week 3, I started using a belt with high-bar squats and did them at a normal tempo, since that didn't seem to aggravate the injury.
    • At week 6, I attempted normal, unpaused sets of deadlifts with a belt and conservatively light weight, but still at a decent RPE. The next day, pain from the injury was at a 2/10.
    • At week 7, I did the same normal, unpaused sets of deadlifts, but increased the weight slightly. Next day, pain was at 3/10.
    • At week 8, the same thing as last week, but next day the pain was 0/10 (i.e., pain was gone). From this point on, I completed the rest of the program, concluding at the end of week 10.
    Right now, I'm on week 3 of Hypertrophy II and loving it.

    One unintentional benefit through all of this is that my squat form has dramatically improved. I've gained significant depth, knees aren't moving around, etc. - very pleased with how that happened, even though I wasn't even planning for it.
    As of writing, I'm on the last day of Week 8 of Hypertrophy II, and planning to start Strength I after completing Hypertrophy II.

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    Glad to see your return to regularly programmed progress has been going well.