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  • Wrist pain

    Back in January I developed left wrist pain from benching/rowing.
    At the time the gyms closed and i started training in my shed with very few plates. This ended up wtih me benching >85% e1rm 4 times per week which i assume is what started it.

    Anyway i got some smaller plates and cut the weight way down, did high rep tempo work while gradually adding weight each week.
    This has worked mostly although I got interrupted with life stuff, sickness/wisdom teeth removal... but now i feel like i've hit a wall.
    I still can't row without pain and I've completely stopped doing that exercise.
    I can bench close to 70%e1rm without much pain but it doesn't feel like it's getting better anymore.

    It's doubly annoying because i can't deadlift over under grip and leaning on my wrist in normal day life also triggers it.
    Looking for advice on programming or whatever I need to do to address this, thanks!

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    Thought i'd give an update on this in case someone else has the same experience.

    After this post i focused on building volume around 70% which turned out pretty well. I did the back ot gym template with bench always being sets of 8-10 around that range.
    After that i did the hyperthophy template and was able to do the bench portions almost unhindered. Rowing didn't irritate it anymore and press was basically pain free.
    My bench singles were more at RPE 6/7 as this was what my wrist could manage but by the end of it i was able to do a single a 7.5 and a set of 6 at RPE 9.
    This is now the limit that my wrist can endure which is much higher than 2 months ago. I can train my bench almost normally now.

    Next week i will start bridge 3.0. This has sets of [email protected] so i will go up to [email protected] at least and see if it gets irritated but i think at least [email protected] should be ok.
    I want to do strength 1&2 but for now my body isn't ready for that much stress. I will do another hypertrophy focused template after bridge 3.0 then finally back to powerlifting.