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I sneezed and blew my lower back out (again)

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  • DorianStarbuck
    It sounds like you may not be very familiar with the BBM materials on pain and injury.

    If you havelt already watched this video, it's a great place to start with these questions:

    Someone else will likely point you to the "pain in training... What do?" video, which is also an excellent launching point for your questions.

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  • Relic
    started a topic I sneezed and blew my lower back out (again)

    I sneezed and blew my lower back out (again)

    Blew my lower back in January during squats, was getting better. Sneezed yesterday, now we're basically back in January again pain-wise and mobility-wise. Do I just restart my rehab plan from scratch in this scenario?

    Typical rehab for me is some blend of Mckenzie, Mcgill and cardio until powerlifting movements can be incorporated safely into my training regimen again.

    Side question: If I'm experiencing multiple relapses in pain (2-3 times a year), is that a sign that I'm jumping my gun too quickly in regards to training or that my lower back is just weak as hell/damaged.
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