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Pin Bench & Squat - how much (if any) to 'relax' at the bottom?

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  • Pin Bench & Squat - how much (if any) to 'relax' at the bottom?

    I searched the forums, and watched the template video and a Mike T video, but couldn't determine how much (if any) to relax at the bottom of the pin squat and bench, when the bar touches. I just reached the point in the Bridge where they are prescribed and wasn't sure, so 'relaxed' and let 100% of the weight hit the pins, and then proceeded up. Is this correct, or should it be something like staying tight and letting 90% of the weight hit the pins?

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    I wouldn't think of it as "relaxing." You're setting the bar on the pins, but staying tight. Contact with the pins comes from range of motion (going deep enough to set the weight down), not release of tension.

    Hope this helps.


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      You should be completely unloaded at the bottom of a pin squat or bench, but you should not really "relax" because you need to be tight when you lift the weight off the pins. Thus the challenge of pin work, IMO


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        I’ve heard Jordan say (paraphrasing) that pin work is more concentric specific and pause work is more isometric specific. That should tell you something about what to do at the bottom. If pin work is more concentric, then your going to be letting the load go to some large degree (but staying fiercely tight). (Pause work, you just hold the entire load at the end of the defined ROM, and is therefore more isometric.) When I’m doing pin work, to stay tight, I think about setting the bar down in the pins whilst being in Planet Fitness trying to not set off the Lunk Alarm (so no louder than a pen drop).


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          Yep, I've been scolded a couple times about dropping the weights on deadlifts and barbell rows. I didn't try to convince them it was really just a controlled rapid descent.

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        Omg so the lunk alarm is real in planet fitness. What a weird place