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  • The Bridge and bjj

    Hello. I switch to the The Bridge after NLP. During my NLP i quited all the jujitsu training. Now, i would like to return to the mats. Could i add 2 days a week bjj training or it will be too much?
    Thank you.

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    If jujitsu is something you love doing, don't let strength training stop you from doing it.

    It's absolutely possible to do both. Your strength may temporarily decrease until you build up the work capacity to do both, it may not, tt's no big deal either way. Just make sure to sleep well and eat well and you'll be fine.


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      How many hours a week do you have to train? This is a critical component for optimizing how you handle both lifting and bjj.


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        I was training BJJ 2-4 times per week throughout my initial novice LP- before I knew better. I was still able to get sufficiently strong, although likely not as fast as I otherwise would have with strength training alone. As I was nearing the end of my LP, I encountered numerous injuries to a point where I was in a constant reset for rehabilitation. Obviously, there are a number of possible contributors here, but my suspicion is that my recovery resources were stretched so thin that I was unable to sufficiently recover. I believe Jordan and Austin address this in one of their Q&A podcasts. To paraphrase, (If memory serves me correctly) Jordan said something along the lines of "You can do both until proven otherwise" -for me, my results have proven otherwise. He also said, "You can do anything you want, but you can't do everything." Overall, I think these are two extremely physically demanding sports that don't necessarily mix well for optimal results. I think strength training helps BJJ, but not the other way around. I think you need to decide which has priority. If BJJ takes priority, then you will likely need to tailor your training to fit those needs and come to terms with potentially slower gainszZz. On the other hand, if you give priority to strength training and you want to be the strongest you can be, BJJ may need to take the back burner.

        Obviously I'm not Jordan or Austin- just thought I'd throw in my two cents. Best of luck!


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          Thank you guys for your responses! I think one time a week bjj , maybe at the end of the week, it will be enough to help me maintain my skills without compromise my recovery. Be strong is more important for me.