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12 week strength program last week question

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  • 12 week strength program last week question

    Hi I have a question regarding the last week (12) of the program in the sheet it says day1 1x2 singles @ RPE 7-8 (planned first attempt) does this mean I should do a rpe 7-8 of what I plan to lift on test day?
    as far as I understand it
    Day 1 [email protected] x 2sets for CS and CB [email protected] x1set CD
    Day 2 [email protected] x 2sets for CS and [email protected] x2sets for CB
    Day 4 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
    Is this correct?

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    You know what, that is a good question and I have never thought of that. I just assumed it was a standard 7-8 (2-3 reps in reserve). I'm on the final week myself next week and am now curious about this as well. Leah Lutz sometimes pops into the threads down here in the unmoderated forums, any clarification for us Leah?


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      As I understand it, it’s in the context of a meet week. I think your interpretation is correct.

      so Day 1 you work up to CS and CB openers, and your last w/u CD, day 2 you work up to squat and bench openers, and then three attempts on day 4