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Increasing Bench Frequency

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  • Increasing Bench Frequency

    I've been benching x2 per week for the past 4 months and now want to increase it to x3 per week. Since I don't have a meet coming up soon, would you recomend doing higher rep (8-10) dumbell bench on the new day or something more specific to the comp bench? Currently, my bench volume is slightly higher than that of the bridge and progress has been slowly stalling. Thanks

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    It depends what the goals of your training are at this time, and how you plan on periodizing it over the coming months. Dumbells will give you some good hypertrophy, but not a lot of short term carry over to strength. You could do n number of bench assistance/supplemental exercises, but what variation you choose, and for how long, depends on how you set your training plan up. Dumbell bench variations are a great fit for a slot in a hypertrophy, gpp, or general high volume focused block of training.