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  • Different programs for different lifts


    I am 42 years old lifter (if I can call my self a lifter at all, maybe a trainee be more precise).
    In the last few months I was training two times per week, training squats and shoulder press on both days.

    First I had to give up bench press because of the elbow pain. So I decided to focus on the squat, deadlift and press.
    I was running a variation of a linear program. Somewhere around 140 - 145 kg (280- 320 pounds) squats (3x5) became very intense up to the point that I could not perform deadlifts anymore as my lower back was very fatigued.
    I got injured while squatting 147.5 kg (325 pounds) beltless.
    Now, 1.5 months after, I am rebuilding the strength with squats, being currently on 130kg (286 pounds), while using a belt.

    The question:
    I am considering switching from LP to some other program for squats in order not to get to the "super intensive workouts every other day" thingy.
    How would you incorporate deadlifts/bench press into this 2 days per week program?
    Does it make sense to start with a linear progression very light on these moves while doing smth more advanced for squats?

    (The additional issue is that my deadlift always lagged: when squatting 325 pounds (3 x 3), I deadlifted only 155 (3x3).)


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    You were squatting 325 for triples and deadlifting 155 for triples?

    I suspect you were squatting very, very high.
    IG / YT


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      155 kg, I train in kg and I mixed the measuring systems in my question.
      I squatted 325 pounds (3x3) and deadlifted 341 pounds (155kg).

      My question here is: can I mix programs? Say doing an intermediate program for squats and LP for deadlifts. Does it make sense?


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        It’s totally ok to use different volumes and intensities for different lifts.

        But you might consider just going to an appropriate post novice program altogether.


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          Thanks, briangoldstein.

          I am not sure that I qualify as post novice in deadlifts. and I am sure that I am novice in bench. I can barely bench.


          • PWard
            PWard commented
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            "Novice" vs "post novice" titles really matter 0 in the long run. The idea here is to setup your training in a way that is sustainable long term. Jordan and Austin state all the time that if people don't milk every last lb out of their LP that it makes no difference. You can split your training up, but really, why not just keep it simple and keep everything on the same program? If you are still a novice, you'll still be able to make linear gains on the bridge. Seeing how often you've been getting injured, I think training with RPE and using more variations to reduce overuse would both be a good things for you, they may help protect you from yourself.

          • George
            George commented
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            "why not just keep it simple and keep everything on the same program?" -

            that it because I squat 330 (pounds) now (3x5) and I stall on LP on squats.
            I press 165 pounds and I stall on LP. BTW, I weigh 190.

            However Benchpress and deadlift - I am just starting now (again) with LP.

            So the question was - whether it makes sense to move to intermediate programs on squats and OHP and start the LP on two other moves, or slow down on squats and press, and wait until I stall on LP on bench and deadlifts and then move all together to another program.

            As to the injuries, I am not often injured. I did not mention frequency at all.
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          • PWard
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            I understand exactly what you were saying. But I still feel that in the long term it doesn't matter. Being overly hung up on terms like novice, intermediate, etc is part of the reason BBM split from SS. For what it's worth, BBM is currently working on releasing a "novice" program, but Jordan stated it will not be a linear progression because linear strength gains don't tend to work out cleanly in the real world, and in the long run it really doesn't matter. You're going to progress as your body is going to progress whether you run LP or not. If you switch to something like the Bridge now on all your lifts (remember in RPE training your week to week gains are not limited to 5lb... you gain at the rate your body allows you to), a year from now I would bet $1000 you would be in the same spot on your bench and deadlift as if you split your programs for both. Do what you want, there is no harm in splitting programs, I just think it might be adding complexity for complexities sake as opposed to actually being optimal. But either way, 2 months of training means very little in the grand scheme, so whatever you choose should work.

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          You’re alright George. There’s no cutoff in terms of weight lifted or time spent.

          Rereading your original post, it sounds like there are some technical issues to iron out. I’d strongly suggest you look into either BBMs group coaching or one on one coaching to deal with your needs in more depth than the forum could.


          • George
            George commented
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            Thanks, I know I am allright.
            I know that there is no clear cut off.
            But sometimes, the cutoff is clear.
            In squats and OHP I am clearly an intermediate now - I squatted today 330 (3x5) and 1 eRM is 380.

            Deadlifts and bench (especially) are very low. Even comparing to what I used to do,

            So the question here is programming. The discrepancy between lifts is so big that I am not sure how to structure it all.

            I think I will switch to 5/3/1 for squats and OHP, and do LP for deadlifts and bench. 5/3/1 has a clear distinction between lifts.

            I cannot figure out how to overcome the discrepancies in the ability between various lifts in the Bridge.

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          I think you’ll find that they’ll work out over a long training career and that the collective wisdom of this board would not be to use 5/3/1.