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Into the bulking phase with - MASS MADE SIMPLE (Dan John)

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  • Into the bulking phase with - MASS MADE SIMPLE (Dan John)


    I just bought and read the e-book of Mass Made Simple by Dan John. I am going to do a full 6 weeks of bulking.
    My plan is to finish the bridge before the bulking and another bridge after the bulking. The reasons are I really want to get some weight and I think I will be able to lift bigger after a bulking phase with high rep squats.

    Has anybody done this program? Any recommendations for me?


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    I haven't done the program, but you can gain weight on the Bridge too. It's a matter of eating enough and then lifting heavy.


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      No idea what your height/weight is, but I went into Starting Strength 5'9" 157lbs. I did a high fat 4k daily calories and put on 20lbs in 8 weeks. I soon transitioned into the bridge type programming after hiring Jordan, went to a low fat high carb 4k calories and added an additional 30lbs of bodyweight in three months, putting me at +50lbs bodyweight in 5 months (157lbs -> 207lbs). I slowly lowered to maintenance around 3.1k calories and my strength continues to go up. Bulking is simply eating more calories than you burn and doing your best to optimize it so you add more lean mass than fat.

      I think splitting it up into 4 phases as you mentioned unnecessarily complicates your programming; you can do exactly what Leah says above.