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Hi, new member and a question about programming

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  • Hi, new member and a question about programming

    Hello coaches and everyone. My name is Onur, i'm from Turkey.

    I have started following you with Alan Thrall, so my thanks to him and you for these great contents.

    I am not a novice, i am not an intermediate. I do not know what i am; i have been lifting for 3-4 months without sticking to a program because of lack of time/equipment/knowledge(which still lacks).

    My numbers:

    BW: 147
    DL: 235
    Sqt: 190
    Bench: 125
    Press: 80

    I am traing at home. I will start going to a gym in a couple of days. I can't get enough protein for some reasons i prefer not mentioning. Anyway, i just want to ask this, do you think i will be fine with this program for a while?

    I am traing one day in two days.

    dl: 2x5 @ 70
    press: 6x5 @ 70

    squat: 4x5 @ 70
    bench: 5x5 @ 70

    dl: 2x3 @ 80
    press: 6x3 @ 80

    squat: 4x3 @ 80
    bench: 5x3 @ 80

    dl: [email protected] 60 (8 reps dl's don't sound good; any other ideas?)
    press: [email protected]

    squat: 4x8 @ 60
    bench: 5x8 @60

    That is 12 days. After this cycle, increase the percentages by 5.

    Accessories: Rdl's; 3x8-12, arm work, row(bb, machine).

    If this is an awkward question you wouldn't answer, no problem i'll understand; you have your own recommendation for programs. Thanks again anyways.

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    I think i have the answer from someone else's question from the live stream. At the marked 11.54


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      How do you know you aren’t a novice if you haven’t been sticking to any one program over 3-4 months? I know this is nuanced but if those numbers are 1RM’s there is a 99.9999% chance you are a novice. Not to be overly mean but more to emphasize my staunch objection through the internet; I wouldn’t advise my worst enemy to do that program at your current stage. If you want to though and that program gets you excited to train then go do it and prove me wrong.


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        Thanks for the comment. So you think i should stick to a novice program for a while?


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          If it works. You want to be a novice. Adding weight to the bar each workout is living the dream.


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            Any program recommendation you can give?


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              Starting Strength until BBM releases their novice program. Do rows if you don’t want to do power cleans. I won’t tell the Rippetoe.


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                Thanks a lot. Will probably do rows.