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S-S2 on Press Template and Block Pulls

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  • PWard
    Have you tried split squats using dumbbells? That's how I've always done them in the past with no issues. Barbell would be very awkward indeed for split squats.

    If your gym doesn't have blocks, just do a paused deadlift with the pause at the same height of the rack.

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  • Ricky92
    started a topic S-S2 on Press Template and Block Pulls

    S-S2 on Press Template and Block Pulls

    Hi. I'm currently on week 1 of the Press template and I'm doing high bars as my main squat. On day 2 I should do high bar / belt squat / split squats, but i'm already doing high bar and dont have a belt, and split squats seem so weird to me I can't even do the bar. Should I still do high bar without belt or something else?

    Also, my gym doesn't have blocks to pull. Should I do paused squats with the pause on the mid shin?