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    Can you guys help me and tell me which program do I run first?! I am planning on losing some fat first so this means I start with the GPP Endurance template and then build muscle back up which means I do the hypertrophy template. What do you guys suggest I do next?! Do I do HLM, The Bridge 1.0, The Bridge 2.0 or...?!

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    I would only start with the Endurance template if you really want to increase endurance, specifically things like running or rowing that are a bit more on the fatiguing side of things. The hypertrophy template is probably a bit better in a cut for someone who is just generally looking to lose weight that doesn't care as much about endurance specifically (in reality, there is actually more conditioning work on hypertrophy template when you equate for all GPP work and conditioning, as well as higher volume of lifting). So tldr, if you want to increase endurance specifically, run the endurance template. If you just want to lose weight while minimizing muscle loss, hypertrophy is probably a better fit.

    As for what to do after that, any of the above would work. Though since you are not coming from SS directly, The Bridge 2.0 or HLM would probably be a better fit than Bridge 1.0. You really could just cycle hypertrophy and whatever strength template you choose back to back for a few months until it stops working.