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7wk Hypertrophy Template question

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  • 7wk Hypertrophy Template question

    I am quite surprised the log doesn't allow for 0.5 increments for RPE logging. Seriously?

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    Agreed. I tried to use Excel on iOS and it pissed me off. I don't know why the new spreadsheet was locked that way. Further, in kilos I am using 0.5 increments all the time (say from 70kgs to 72.5kgs), which the sheet wont let me do. Pretty big oversight, really.

    So I just opened it in Google Sheets, converted the file to a Google Sheets file, and now once I plug in, say 8.5, it shows as a 9, got to cell formatting and increase decimal place by one, and voila! 8.5! Same for weights.


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      Might have to do that as well, but not thrilled about it. These templates aren't cheap. Basically paid for it for two reasons: I like what BBM is doing and want to give them my business, and I was pleased with how the logging worked in template bundle (v1.0). I could have easily figured out the program just by perusing logs/googling. But this log is a definite step back even if it's "prettier".

      I'm an engineer by trade and this is a classic case of over-designing, and it's not uncommon for basic stuff to get botched (kilos, RPE resolution) in the pursuit of "cool" features like adding pointless text to the cell after entering the amount in.


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        I encourage you to email them with template feedback.

        I emailed a similar sentiment about RPE fidelity based on the RTS chart. He said they may work it back in.


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          Maybe I will.

          Also found some errors in the ANALYSIS sheets. Some ranges were wrong which screwed up tracking of the supplemental squats and deads.