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Time for The Bridge or Hypertrophy Template?

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  • Time for The Bridge or Hypertrophy Template?

    Hey everyone,

    I'm sure I'm asking questions that have been asked many times in the forums already but hopefully I can get some good feedback.

    I'm 45 years old and began SSLP back in June 2018. I took August off from the gym and started the LP all over again in September and I have made some decent strength gains. Before I began in June, I was running 3-4 times a week, up to 5 Km, and doing my own weight routine a couple times a week. Since following the program I've stopped all conditioning work.

    My stats before and now are approximately:

    Squat: 185 to 285.
    Deadlift: 185 to 275.
    Press: 85 to 135
    Bemch Press: 135 to 155 (I've had continued tendinopathy in my left elbow).

    Bodyweight: 190 to 206 (my waist has remained the same size!).

    I'm finding the squats/deadlift days very hard to recover from and my press has stalled and I'm always experiencing some joint pain or muscle strain from week to week.

    I purchased the 3 Day Hypertrophy Template and downloaded the free version of The Bridge. I'm thinking of grinding out SSLP until the New Year and test for my 1RM or 3RM for all the lifts and use that as a starting point for a new program. I want to do the Hypertrophy first to start doing some conditioning again and give my joints a bit of rest from the constant near 100% max effort lifts!

    Based on the above, is the Hypertrophy a good choice first or The Bridge?

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    Welcome to the forum, and grats on your progress so far!

    Sounds to me like you should do the hypertrophy template, since that's what you wanna do and is line with your current goals. I don't think there's any issue with doing it before The Bridge. The lighter weighs may help you manage the elbow tendinopathy too.