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12 week strength program questions

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  • 12 week strength program questions

    Hi everyone,

    I have 2 (probably pointless questions but i searched the forum and couldn’t find the answer) questions.

    1. For the 12 week you start by doing a 5x5. It doesn’t specify at RPE so i am assuming you do the same weight across for the 5x5 or should you deviate the weight if 4th and 5th sets are turning into grinders? If so should you deviate the weight 5% to keep it @ an RPE 8 or is it designed to be that stressful?

    2. For conditioning... when doing HIIT training it saids do 20sec sprints 2 x 14 mins. Am i doing 7 sprints total in 14 mins or is this a total of 28 mins with 14 rest times?


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    1) Anything percentage based does not auto-regulate down, they are straight sets across. They are all pretty low RPE so without the [email protected] it would be hard to feel out the proper load/RPE.
    2) Yes you are doing 7 sprints in 14 minutes.