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3 Day Hyper Myo-Rep Input And AMRAP

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  • 3 Day Hyper Myo-Rep Input And AMRAP

    Just 2 quick Questions…
    1) Week 5, Day 3 MyoReps- How do you input 2 different exercises into the same section? I didn’t have enough room and I am not sure how it translates to the totals on top?
    2) Upper Back and Ab Work AMRAP- How often should a I be doing them? They don’t have a set amount like the conditioning and Arm Work? Once a week, twice? Everyday?

    thanks in advance

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    1) Choose one movement for myoreps and stick to that for the remaining weeks of the program. Choose DB incline bench OR CGBP, not both.
    2) Every GPP session. If you are doing 2 GPP sessions a week (which is what is written for the entire Hyp program) you should be doing back and ab work twice a week.


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      1) Contact customer support.
      I had the same question. People who do not have this template will not understand what you mean.


      • Strange-Steve
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        Okay now I'm more confused. I asked Jordan about it a couple of weeks ago and sent him a screenshot, and he said it is actually 2 separate exercises, which I understood to mean do both of them. See here:

      • rho
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        Exactly. I've read your topic. That's why I suggested to contact customer support.
        I'll go with their advice, although Jordan made the template.
        I don't see why we should do a supplemental bench Myorep after doing a supplemental bench. Seems like too much pre-exhaustion to me.

      • Strange-Steve
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        Yeah you're right, it seemed odd to me too so I think I'll just do the squat exercise!

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      Yeah. It was super strange. I ended up doing both and adding as much as possible to the section. Didn’t really hurt anything to do both I guess, going from Incline to dB myorep was fun. Just confused why it is also there for weeks 6 and 7 if it could be an error?

      I thought it was twice a week, just not listed, and the Arm Work increased to 3x a week, so who knows. Not killing myself with 10 minutes more of UB and AB AMRAP. Thanks for the replies all.