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3 Day Hypertrophy Question

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  • 3 Day Hypertrophy Question

    I've just completed week one of this program and I noticed that from week two the sets/reps for the press and bench are listed something like so:

    6 @ 7
    6 @ 8
    6 @ 9
    6 x 2 @ 76-80% of 1RM

    So what's going on with those last sets? I understand what it means, but why is it percentage based rather than RPE like the rest? I'm new to this type of program having done nothing but SSLP before now.

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    That is Hyp 3 day v3, correct?

    If so, calculate your e1RM from either the [email protected] or [email protected] set, it will be the number shown in the cell below the working sets and reps input (example cell F38 for day 1 exercise 1) and take somewhere between 76% to 80% of that number as your working sets, or stay within that range. For example, you squat 110kgs for [email protected], and 115kgs for [email protected] Your E1RM will be around 141kgs. Then take 76% to 80% of 141kgs which comes to a range between 107.16kgs (round up to 107.5kgs) to 112.8kgs (round down to 112.5kgs). If you are feeling good, performance is good, select the upper end of the range. If fatigue is building (life, you are later in the block, bad day, whatever), choose the lower end of the range. The goal is to try and stay within the range. Rate your RPE on the sets so you can autoregulate the second set if necessary. [Edit: Sorry, just saw you said you understand it.]

    I believe this has been programmed as Jordan mentioned somewhere (I don't remember where; maybe the training Q&A), that they are finding this style of programming is working quite well, better than the prior versions of the BBM programming style. I also believe, in my view, that the RPE is useful to rate performance going up, but 1) RPE is more fuzzy further away from @10, and 2) people get a bit too aggressive on rating RPE on down sets. Using a percentage based weight selection based on your performance on that day alleviates some of the latter thus keeping fatigue managed.


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      There is also this thread which provides pros and cons of different methods: RPE vs. % vs. RPE+%:
      And this:
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        Thanks for the reply.
        ​​​​​​It's the hyp 3 day v2.3, I didn't know there was a v3?
        Anyway I think I get it, thanks for the links it's nicely explained there


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          Aha! Thanks Teddyd I had similar thoughts as Strange-Steve and that clears the waters for me. It seems you judge which % is right for the day to be hitting around @8 but you can always self-regulate as you go. Makes perfect sense. I think for less experienced people the RPE alone as a metric to work from is sometimes a little hit and miss so having a % range to work within helps dial in the right intensity for the session. Thanks for the links and clarification. Pete


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