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RE 12WS volume prescription (without RPE recommendation)

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  • RE 12WS volume prescription (without RPE recommendation)

    Just a quick one about the volume prescription in the first block of the 4 day 12WS template requiring deduction of a % from the previous 1@8 intensity and doing it for multiples sets of 5.

    The main set back off volume does not have any RPE recommendation attached, so I am assuming we are going with the "appropriate volume within the right intensity range" and not being too worried about where the RPE falls with these, is that about right? (i'm half way through week 2).

    Is anyone adjusting the intensity on these to hit a specific RPE (including reductions if over @8) or adding sets until hitting a specific RPE (@9 for example)?

    I have some mild DOMs from yesterday bench press, and the SQ the day before, so it feels about right as is, so far.


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    That's right. Just do what ever weight it comes out as for whatever volume it says and don't worry about it.

    Something like 70% for 5x5 shouldn't get near an 8-9 rpe unless you're only resting a minute or something. Adding sets until hitting a specific RPE (or time limit) used to be a thing but it's fallen out of favor since it makes accounting for volume and stress harder.


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      Just finished my first day, but my squats were mostly RPE 6 after the -20% drop. They crept to 7 on the last set as I used 2.5min rest.


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        Thanks guys.

        My first couple of sets of 5 after the 20% drop felt like an @6.5-7 on 2 min rests. The -20% works out to be around 73-74% of the projected e1RM in that session. So that RPE sounds about right but I had to keep the rest down to hit it. I think the last set might have been @8.

        I’d heard that fatigue drops to @9 were out of favour so was wondering why they are programmed into the template, unless the change of mind post dates the template. My tiny little brain doesn’t really see the problem but perhaps setting set numbers and maintaining them somewhere around @8-8.5 would be prudent as the template moves forward. Thanks again for the responses.

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