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  • Question for the bridge v3

    Can i do both the press and bench focused exercises in the Bridge v3?Would that benefit me or it is too much fatigue?For example i can do the press focused exercises on a gpp day.

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    That would probably be playing to much with the actual programming as laid out by Jordan and Austin in the Bridge 3. Generally one needs to decide to specialise in either the bench press (keeping the press on maintenance) or the press (keeping the bench press on maintenance). I would not do the both the bench focused and press focused exercises during the program. You could do Bridge 3 bench focus first followed by Bridge 3 press focus straight after.

    I guess you could do more bodybuilding style pressing on GPP days while doing bench press focus in the main Bridge 3 program. For example (completely off the top of my head now) DB presses for 3 sets of 10-12 @8 increasing by a set every two weeks. This will get some extra pressing volume in. And vice versa if you wanted to do the press focus on the main Bridge 3 program.


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      Niceeee,thank you