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HLM version 1 vs. version 2

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  • HLM version 1 vs. version 2

    I’ve run the HLM template v1 a couple times, and I’m curious if anyone has run both v1 and v2. If so, how would you compare the two versions of the program? I’ve noticed that the reps per set changes slightly, but does the overall program feel different from v1?

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    I ran both versions and liked 2.0 better. I think the way competition lifts are programmed suits people better who tend to overshoot RPE. For me, it is easier to hit an RPE9 than a conservative RPE8 that is repeatable for a few sets without RPE creep. The backoff work is programmed as do x total reps in sets of 4 to 6 or as a substantial load drop with the same amount of reps. Both helped me with my ego. Not breaking down total reps into the strict reps x sets scheme makes it easier doing some "light" work and not ending up with a third or fourth set close to RPE10 (or heaven forbid, having to drop some weight).

    Furthermore, there is the mental aspect of having done the hardest work after your set @9 and afterwards doing working sets in the RPE7 (to RPE8) range.

    I also liked the incorporation of Myoreps for some variety.

    Personally, I like doing triples. Unfortunately HLM2.0 has cut those completely. So that's a thing the first version has going for itself.

    As far as exercise selection and GPP work are concerned, the differences are probably neglectable.

    In regard to progress I didn't see any differnce. My lower body lifts advanced about 20kg each doing HLM and HLM2.0 and my upper body lifts about 5 to 10kg with both templates.


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      HLM v2 has High Bar Back Squats third on Day 3 for the first half of the block, and then second on Day 2 (completely different rep. scheme) for the second half of the block, which is a bit of a turn-off.