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Running hypertrophy twice - modifications?

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  • Running hypertrophy twice - modifications?


    ​I'm just coming to the end of the 3 day hypertrophy program which I've been using quite successfully to cut a bit of fat, however I've still a couple of inches to go so was going to run the program through again.

    Firstly is this a sensible approach, and if so should I make a few mods to the program?

    I was thinking of keeping the liss, hiit, arms, abs and upper back work as they are at the end of week 7 (maybe ramping them up a little more even?) but otherwise should everything else stay the same?

    Thanks, Steve.

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    I repeated the 3 day hypertrophy back to back. I didn't keep the volume on arms, upper back, abs, LISS, HIIT at the peak level the second run through. I saw it as a type of periodisation and took the volume back down as per the program prescription. I may have used heavier weights for GPP and arms, but the volume was treated as written. It was fine. Others have suggested to keep the GPP and similar volume at peak level. Either way will work I am sure.


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      The only other thing I'd suggest is maybe try different variations when they give you a few options to choose from? e.g. if you did TnG bench last time, try DB bench.


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        Personally, I have found that keeping the GPP at a higher volume is preferable when transitioning into a new training block. But that's just my own experience.


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          Thanks for the input guys. My GPP definitely needs some improvement so I might keep up the volume on that. Switching up the variables is a good idea too, thanks.