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Intermediate Programming After the Bridge

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  • Intermediate Programming After the Bridge

    Although I realize programming is very heavily reliant on individual factors, I have drafted an intermediate program for myself to run after I finish up the bridge here in a few weeks. I based it off some of the things I really enjoyed/found worked well for me on the bridge with a few other aspects of heavy/light/medium. I wanted to create something that was the same each week to allow me to try to break the PR for that given exercise weekly or biweekly which seems to be appropriate for an early intermediate lifter. I think it combines the appropriate volume and autoregulation to be effective, but I am very open to any tweaks I can make to create something that seems a little bit more appropriate.

    Lifts current E1RM's on week 5 of the Bridge: Squat: 395 Deadlift: 425 Press: 190 Bench: 265

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    I like this as a starting point, but I suppose it depends on your goals. This looks great if you want to continue strength focus. Just make sure the volume is appropriately driving up relative to the bridge. (I didn’t count total volume here but it’s worth doing)

    Will you be incorporating any GPP work also?


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      Squats/Deadlifts: This base template is about the same volume as a moderate stress week on the bridge with an addition of the single @ 8. The thought being I could easily add in more sets in one of the three squat slots to continue to titrate up the volume. The same goes for deadlift

      Pressing: I added a fourth slot for pressing to continue to get more volume there and get a bit more frequency that Dr. Baraki seems to recommend in most cases for intermediates. I have made the best progress in my life with the upper body volume on the bridge so I have a fairly confident expectation that this will continue to work for me.

      As far as GPP I was thinking I could add some on Tuesday/Friday on the lower stress days but I am very open to suggestions on that

      Also, my goal is to continue to gain strength thank you


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        What app/program are you using to organize your training like that? I've seen it elsewhere but can't seem to find it on the interwebzZz.


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          That is just an Excel spreadsheet man, I just added some color to make it a little more organized