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Where to start with BBM programming?

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  • Austin Baraki
    Yes, that is a reasonable place to start.

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  • tate1981
    started a topic Where to start with BBM programming?

    Where to start with BBM programming?

    Hi, looking for some advice/help.

    38yr old, male, 5' 10", 198lb, waist 40".

    So, i am looking to get my waist under control through caloric deficit but i dont think my current programming is optimal for my goals. I ran through SSNLP and kept re-running due to failing Squat at around 280lbs. After watching youtube material, reading article etc from SS i was convinced i should be Squatting alot more. I moved on from novice LP to Andy Bakers GGW. 13 week % based HLM program. Starts with decent amount of volume in the 4x6 and cycles through 3, 3 week mini cycles. Anyway, i am in week 10 now which is calling for 95% of 1rm for singles and doubles and im again begining to to feel a little beat up from this, week 13 is a testing week where i am to work up to a new PR 1rm for Squat, Bench, Press, & Deadlift but honestly, how I feel this week im not even sure i'll hit my current 1rms. After watching the BBM programming podcast and hearing that you guys dont really go much over 80-85% defo got my attention.

    so, basically i am just wondering would i just start with The Bridge once i finish my last 3 weeks of my current program if i want to make the switch to BBM style programming?