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    I just wanted to know which of Barbell Medicine’s templates are more advanced than the others so I know which one to buy and use next out of the following. 12 week strength, strength 3, strength 2, powerlifting 2, power building 2, Hypertrophy 2 and 7 week GPP 4 day Hypertrophy

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    Most advacned for strength atheletes? 12 Week strength is legacy and based on the overview, Strength 3 is the template for the most advanced trainees.


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      I thought it was pretty clearly labelled; you can think of anything with a "I" at the same level, anything with a "II" at the same level (kinda).

      Hypertrophy II is from a completely new stream - it's not related to the old GPP Hypertrophy templates which have been updated/overhauled to the Powerbuilding stream. It's more bodybuilder-y.

      Powerbuidling II = updated 4-day Hypertrophy
      Powerlifting II = updated 12 Week Strength
      Strengthlifting II = updated 12 Week Press

      Strength III is like the next progression from 12 Week Strength/Powerlifting II/Strengthlifting II.

      More info here: