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question on templates (equipment required and RPE)

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  • question on templates (equipment required and RPE)

    Are any of the templates suitable for someone with a basic garage gym -just power rack, bench and barbell? I'm interested in buying one (probably powerbuilding) but wondering if i'll be able to run it as written in my garage gym.

    Also, do the programs use both percentages and RPE or just the latter?

    Apologies if the questions are answered elsewhere, I looked but couldn't find the answers.


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    I haven't seen a template yet that can't be be done with just a bar, bench and rack.

    They also all use both percentages and RPE but also sometimes one and not the other. It depends on the movement and where it is in the session.


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      Yes, but you may need to make minor substitutions. For example: I sub front squats if a belt squat machine is called for. Those are usually third movements, so much less specific.

      A few templates call for incline bench, which you can either find a way to tilt your bench or just substitute for something else.


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        I'll add that you don't have to devise your own substitutions. I've done the legacy 4-day Hypertrophy and the 12-week Strength with just a bar, bench, and rack. Where it has incline / dumbbell / leg press / belt squat, the flat and barbell options are listed right there.

        For belt squat I tried rigging a dip belt and landmine but found it cumbersome and difficult to load significantly. So front squat it was.
        I've propped up my flat bench but never felt safe to go heavy. So more overhead pressing.

        I never felt like these substitutions compromised the program, but it did help prioritize equipment purchases. I decided I needed more options for squats/legs, so I got the transformer bar and put off the incline bench.

        I should note that I just started the new Hypertrophy I. It's very much a la carte and even less specific to powerlifting than the powerbuilding templates. You can do it with the basic equipment, but in this template, there's a great opportunity to spend time away from the barbell and flat bench. I've found that having some extras like specialty bars, dumbbells, dip bar attachment makes it more fun and a welcome break. Do wish I had that incline bench now!


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          Thanks guys,

          I ended up buying PB1 and completed the first workout day before yesterday. Damn. High volume romanian deadlifts tore me up..

          You're all correct, it's easily doable with my garage gym (and my bench even inclines!). I may buy an EZCurl bar for the arm work, but that's about it. With the calculators in the spreadsheets and percentages given in the workouts, it's an easy transition to RPE as well. Lots of information and content bundled with the program, I'm impressed.

          Thanks all.