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  • Strength I or Powerbuilding I first

    Hi Everyone,

    BW 92kg

    Squat 195kg
    Dead 214kg
    1ct paused Bench 105kg
    Press 66kg

    Got what I could out of SS NLP and am now three weeks into Bridge 3.0. In finishing the Bridge I'd then like to run through Strength I and Powerbuilding I in an order that will coincide with limited equipment. Our second child is due early December so I'll be buying a barbell, weights, squat stands and a bench to train at home for a few months before I can go back to the gym with all the extra toys (leg press, cable machines etc). I'll do the program that recommends more non-barbell movements first in the gym then the one that's more barbell focused second at home.

    So, my question is; which program recommends more non-barbell movements?

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    Powerbuilding I


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      Thanks Masoud.

      Is it OK to share the movements in this program or is this considered bad form?


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        Sorry, I don't know the answer to this question. You may ask Jordan Feigenbaum


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          No problem.


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            Id be interesting in the type of lifts in the powerbuilding I as well. I will say this for the Strength I, It is set up for preparing for a meet. They use overloading lifts and your press isn't important in this template compared to SSLP. I asked a similar question and was told to do the bridge 3.0 or Strength I. I like it and it reminds me of a conjugate lifting style.


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              There's a ton of possible variations, but the main focus is a squat, a push and a pull each day. One exercise is done competition style for 6 reps in ramping sets, the variations are done for either 8 or 10 reps in ramping sets.