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  • Strength Template Question

    I’m looking at buying one of the strength templates but I am concerned about training session time.

    Are any of the strength templates set up for 3 slots/exercises per day, 4 days a week? Right now I don’t have time for a 4-5 slots per day type of program even though it would be optimal for me.

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    I have run Strength III with some success using only three exercises/day. It's a four day program and many of the days only have three exercises scheduled. I do think some days have four, but usually it's obvious which is the *most* accessory-like in these cases and you can just skip.

    A word of warning. Even with only three exercises/day I found that my workouts on this program averaged between 1.4 and 2 hrs. If you don't have RPE dialed in and need to rest longer than 3 min between 80-84% sets of squats and deadlifts then you're looking at at least 1 hr 20 minutes imo for these training sessions. I regularly went to 2 hrs in later weeks.


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      Thank you for this info, I’ll get the Strength III and try to get the work done in 60 minutes. I’ve been running the power building template with 2-3 minute rests between the usually high rep sets. My work capacity has really improved so I’m cautiously optimistic.