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  • Days between training sessions

    I ran Powerlifting 2 back in the summer until an injury unrelated to lifting took me out. I had made it to week 6 and was making decent gains in squat and deadlifts but my bench press didn't move up at all. I'm going to run it again soon but I intend to run the original 4 day Hypertrophy first.
    With everything going on in life, would hitting the workouts every second day be a good idea? Basically it's stretching my training week to 10 days if you count days off. I would still do GPP days in between as needed.
    I have a feeling that this would work better for me for managing fatigue and getting enough recovery between sessions.

    Has anyone else tried a similar set up?

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    I think running the 4 day templates as six day templates, with seperate days for GPP, keeps things fun and manageable.

    Part of the GPP is getting that level of intensity and volume of stuff like running in 2x a week.

    10 days is basically 1.5 weeks. I don't think you want to do that from a GPP perspective or a lifting perspective.

    If your bench didn't go up, I think that's a bit odd.

    You might look at Powebuilding II for lots of MYOREP sets which are awesome for getting out of the gym fast. Pretty sure you could turn any 3rd lift on PL 2 into MYOREPS if you needed to for time constraint reasons.

    I mean here is another question:

    Is the problem TIME in absolute numbers, or trips to the gym per week?

    If it's time, then MYOREPS and such can help you.

    If it's going to the gym 6x a week... then

    - could figure out how to do GPP at home (ab wheel is cheap! dumbbells for curls and such. Either run for real or take stairs or have an air bike/rower.)
    - do a template that has you going to the gym 3x a week
    - might look at the time crunch template if you want to see a real minimalist 3x a week with some days two exercises of myoreps!

    Basically I am saying that I think this would be worse than just doing a 3 day template but I understand life gets hard and complicated.