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Spreading Volume Over The Week ( Starting Strength NLP )

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  • Spreading Volume Over The Week ( Starting Strength NLP )

    Hello Everyone.

    Firstly, I would like to say that I'm new to this forum and I apologize if this topic has already been discussed.
    TLDR to skip training history

    Some Background On Myself-
    Male , 17 years old , ~6ft

    After some months of "exercising" and a layoff from training due to exams, I decided to run Starting Strength.

    First Week on SS NLP-
    Bodyweight 83kg/182.6 lbs (Skinny fat)

    3x5 (1x5 for Deadlifts)
    Squat 62kg/136lbs
    Bench 55kg/121lbs
    Deadift 90kg/198lbs
    Press 37kg/81.4lbs

    Fourth month on SS NLP-
    Bodyweight 102kg/224.4lbs (Not skinny fat anymore but 40" waist)

    3x5 (1x5 for Deadlifts and 5x3 for Powercleans)
    Squat 102/224lbs
    Bench 72kg/158.4lbs
    Deadlift 143kg/315lbs
    Press 55kg/121lbs
    Powerclean 50kg/110lbs ( Started Late, About 3 months in)

    I did not eat properly when I started but about 2 months in I started GOMAD and started learning powercleans with the empty bar (I was doing pendlay rows instead when I started).

    Now I am eating about 4000 calories (326P/349C/154F) including half gallon of whole milk and half gallon of skim milk to maintain my weight at about 102kg/224lbs
    ( I'll start eating more when I think I might stall again because my waist is already at 40").

    I'm going to do advanced novice when i stall my squats and microload my presses when they stall.

    So my Actual Question is this-
    I am currently progressing pretty well considering I did not do the program as well I should I have at the start.
    My workouts are taking ~2hrs to complete and since my gym only has one power rack and three benches I'm sometimes forced to rush through my pressing movements.
    ( I go to the gym at 6 in the morning because that's when its least crowded... relatively )

    So I was thinking of moving my pressing movement to the next day-
    example week-

    Monday- Squat & Deadlift

    Tuesday- Press/Bench

    Wednesday- Squat & Powerclean

    Thursday- Bench/Press

    Friday- Squat & Deadlift

    Saturday- Press/Bench

    I know this is not optimal since i don't have full days to recover between every workout but I feel like I still have some novice gains to make considering I haven't started microloading or advanced novice.

    Is splitting the SS workouts over 6 days something I can get away with or am I going to have to change programming?

    I apologize if my post was needlessly long.
    Thank you for reading.
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    Rip has managed to convince you to gain weight at a very unreasonable pace and you should seriously consider losing weight as a 40 inch waist is the cut off for an individual to be classed as "high risk" for things like CVD. I would suggest reading jordan's to be a beast and using the Weight loss macros as well as switching to the beginner template as it will lead to a much more successful transition to post novice training which you will probably need relatively soon. I know this isn't your question, but the fact that you addressed your WC multiple times tells me you're concerned about it. You will be plenty capable of gaining strength while losing weight provided you don't enter into a massive caloric deficit. I know Rip says you can take the weight off once you get "strong" but the current obesity epidemic and some of the associated effects of obesity make it much harder for individuals to lose weight the heavier they get. General reccomendations from Jordan usually reccomend cutting weight if your WC is above 37 inches and gain weight again once you get below 33 inches.

    Honestly Rip's programming is about 2 decades out of date as he doesn't include any form of autoregulation in his programming and actually drops volume as you progress (advanced novice has a light day if I remember correctly). Any gains you make on advanced novice will probably be a result of fatigue dissappation from doing 10/10 efforts every workout for months to only doing them twice a week. I would seriously consider moving to either The bridge (as it literally was designed to transition to after SSLP and is FREE) or the Beginner perscription/program.

    To be a beast
    The bridge
    The Beginner perscription


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      I need you to trust me (or go and ask jordan in the moderated training forum) that the reason you are stalling is not eating related, it is a training problem. You have been doing the same volume and relative intensity over and over and eventually that isn't good enough anymore. Through BBM templates (or any decent programming really) you will be doing much more volume during some weeks at more reasonable intensities that will help to continue driving adaptation. For example, when I moved from SSNLP to The Bridge, the added deadlifting volume brought my e1rm from around 350 to 440 in 2 10 week cycles.

      I think you can still make gains on fat loss macros so if you choose to recomp instead that will be fine especially if you revise expectations (which you should probably do anyway seeing as LP is getting towards the stalling phase, with that being said, you can probably put 5lbs a week on some lifts for a while). I would just drop down to recomp or fat loss macros now and if you have any issues with hunger focus on eating more fiberous vegtables and drinking a lower precentage of your calories.

      I don't think it really matters how you choose to divide your volume so your six day plan looks fine. I would probably do squat and press days together since they share the same rack height but that doesn't really matter.

      So to some it all up, I would move to fat loss or recomp macros, change training programs to the beginner template or/and the bridge (probably directly to the bridge if you are not planning to run the paid version of the beginner template) and if you want to divide that volume up that seems fine. Also, make sure to do the GPP and cardio, I didn't, and it makes recovery between sets suck alot when your cardio is pretty trash. Plus, my arms are still kinda small cause I blew off training them for the first 2.5 years. I would consider asking some of these questions to Jordan (especially regarding losing weight while maintaining strength since you seem to be very concerned about that) as he may have a much better way of explaining this stuff to you.

    • ForeverNovice2003
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      Thanks, Josh.

      I'll start the Beginner prescription tomorrow and lower my intake until my WC gets to ~37".
      I'll ask Jordan about maintaining strength if I stop making progress on Recomp.

      I really appreciate all the help.

    • JoshA
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      No problem, sounds like a plan!

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    You're following bad advice there, my man. Feel free to ask this question on the moderated forum channels, but I'm certain that the BBM docs would echo what Josh said: stop doing SSLNP, start doing the Beginner Prescription, and most importantly cut back to a calorie deficit to reduce your waist circumference. With sensible programming, there's absolutely no reason you can't continue to get stronger while losing body weight for the foreseeable future.


    • ForeverNovice2003
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      I'm very grateful to you and JoshA for your sound advice and I will certainly follow it.

      But I have another concern.
      I wont be able to perform the 3 lifts in the Beginner Prescription in the same workout.
      I'm going to have to split it over 6 days like i mentioned in my first post to be able to complete all the lifts for the week.
      Is that the best out of a bad situation or is there a better alternative?

      Thanks again.

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    WRT getting the work for the Beginner Prescription in as fast as possible: you've got three sets of three movements. With strict three minute rests, you should be able to get those all done in about 45-50 minutes (assuming that you don't need to wait to use equipment), plus some time for warmups. In theory, this is the whole workout finished in an hour (excluding GPP and supplementary work). If I was you, I would try to cut down the time taken to warm up (don't rest between warmup sets, reduce the number of sets taken) and stick to a strict 3 min rest period (e.g. don't browse your phone between sets). It might take a bit of getting used to, but shorter rests (i.e. greater inter-set fatigue) are fine when you're using RPE to regulate the weight on the bar. Obviously when you're in a shared gym you may need to share equipment, but if you stay "in line", be respectful, clearly communicate what sets you're doing and help with swapping out weights, no one is going to resent you for working in (especially if there's only one rack). You might even find a new training partner.


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      I've met a few jerks who monopolise half the gym and generally behave like dicks. Sooooo irritating. And: thanks!

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      "I've met a few jerks who monopolise half the gym and generally behave like dicks. Sooooo irritating."

      Seems like there's a joke there given you have a home gym!

    • ropable
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      It's easy to monopolise one rack, one bench and two barbells ;P