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What to sub in for deficit DLs

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  • What to sub in for deficit DLs

    Hey all... I'm at week 4 on the bridge 3.1. I was looking ahead and I see that the assistance pull switches to deficit DLs. I train at somewhat of a globogym. Their plates are wonky and won't provide a flat surface to stand on.

    What supplementary pull would you recommend instead?


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    Paused deadlifts would probably be the go to as it is a movement focused on the bottom similiar to deficit deadlifts. If you really want to do deficits you could buy a sheet of inch plywood and cut it into two smaller squares and pull standing on those. I don't know if your gym would let you, however the golds I lift at probably would (they let us use chalk, its great).


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      The Bridge programs paused DLs for the first 5 weeks of training, then switches to deficits DL. So paused DLs wouldn't be optimal for the last 3 weeks.

      Maybe I switch the pause to 2" off the floor rather than below the knee. something like that.


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        oh I pause my deadlifts as soon as I break the floor. So we are on the same track.


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          If you can get enough plates and have the room on the bar, you could use just use 35s instead of 45s. Or could you shim the wonky plates?