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  • The Bridge 3.0 Questions

    Hello, just started week 1 of the Bridge 3.0 and was wondering if I could do DB chest flys and DB Bulgarian Split squats 2x week working in the 8-10 rep range for 2 sets each? Would this interfere too much with the program? The reason I want to do these exercises is that I want to bring up my chest and glutes from a primarily bodybuilding perspective.

    Another question is regarding the pin press. What does "eye level" mean? I'm focusing on bringing up my OHP. I don't much care for the bench press

    Can I replace the Lever Row for another exercise? preferably one that doesn't require special equipment and can be done at your average gym

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    1. Adding extra assistance exercises is fine if you are well trained and can handle the extra volume. Just add that stuff to the GPP days or after all the other programmed movements are complete.

    2. Set the rack’s safety spotter arms to the same height from the ground as your eyes, then begin and end the press from that position.

    3. Lever rows are performed with a loaded barbell and a bench, therefore no special equipment is needed. There’s a hyperlink in the excel file to a video of Jordan doing them. It’s one of my favorites because because it doesn’t require anything special.