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  • Transitioning between templates

    I am currently doing the 7 week legacy Hypertrophy 4X/week template. After week 5 I will go right to week 1 of Powerlifting 2 in order to prep for a powerlifting meet.

    I had some questions regarding the GPP work:

    As the GPP work ramps up, ie more days of arm work, longer upper back/abdominal AMRAP sessions, should I carry on into the Powerlifting 2 template or should I just follow the GPP for that template as written?
    Also what would be a decent substitution for triceps pushdowns? Would dips be a good choice?


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    Full disclosure, I'm not familiar with either template. However, as long as you're reducing and ultimately eliminating the extra GPP work as you get close to meet day (as I'm sure the Powerlifting 2 template does) I don't really think it matters. If you wanted to continue where you left off in the hypertrophy template, doing a couple extra minutes of upper back work or a couple extra sets of arms a week wouldn't add much to your overall fatigue. Besides, I'd assume the first 4 weeks or so of the Powerlifting 2 template are a development block, so having a little extra GPP work there shouldn't hurt at all.

    As for a substitute for triceps pushdowns, I'd do LTEs before I did dips. Personally, dips tax my chest and shoulders a little too much for me to consider them pure arms isolation work.