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Hypertrophy I - Question (really general question for all templates)

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  • Hypertrophy I - Question (really general question for all templates)

    Is the Hypertrophy I template home gym friendly or are there some equipment one would probably need in order to accomplish the workout - like for example - Leg Press, Leg Extensions, Lat Pull Downs and etc? I am definitely interested in the Hypertrophy I but wanted to get a feel of what and flexibility it had before pulling the trigger on purchasing the template.

    Thanks a million!


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    It would help if you explained what your home gym has. Considering where you are posting, you probably have something you can squat in, but lets not assume yaknow.

    But trying to answer your question, many/most supplemental movements have multiple choices, like my hypertrophy template with Leg Press programmed in a slot allows you to do "Leg Press or Belt Squat or SSB Squat or Front Squat"

    Even for a supplemental movement that doesn't give options, if you have a decent grasp of what the training goals are for that training slot (In the above, most of those movements put more emphasis on the quads, and it's a Myo-rep slot so the goal can be summed up as "quad hypertrophy"), you may be able to come up with a movement alternative that your home gym can accommodate.

    Also, I loved doing myo-reps on a leg press machine so much (stability is taken out of the equation, so I could just blast the muscles) that I switched out the bench myo-reps with machine bench myo-reps.
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