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    Tomorrow is my last day of week 4 on the bridge and next week I get to incorporate a new AMRAP on the 6th day. Currently on day 4 I'm doing pronated grip pullups. I'm going to keep those on day 4 as they definitely seem to be a good compliment to the exercises in the bridge.

    For day 6 I was debating between the following:
    1) Dips
    2) Face pulls
    3) Upright rows
    4) ????

    Right now I'm leaning towards 2, mostly because I feel like there's enough chest/tricep in the bridge's pushes, upright rows in an AMRAP have the potential of tennis elbow and it feels like, of all the somewhat larger muscles, the rear deltoid feels like it's worked the least in the bridge. Discounted rows, mostly because there's already rows on a day, couple of DL variations, and the pullups.

    Any thoughts/ideas?

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    I'd say you should do whatever feels best for you. And I wouldn't think upright rows have any particular "potential" for tennis elbow if you follow the program as it is written.


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      Ok, that is probably true. The last time I had an issue with upright rows I was lifting 6 days a week with high volume and a number of exercises were contributing to it (the primary culprits seemed to be upright rows, clean and press and to a lesser extent, pronated pullups, pullovers, skullcrushers and some others. Of all of the lifts I was performing at the time, however, upright rows did exacerbate my tennis elbow the most.

      Thanks! I think I'll go with dips or face pull; mostly because I have missed those guys the most since beginning the bridge.