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Timing of FSQ and RDL in BBM Powerbuilding II

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  • Timing of FSQ and RDL in BBM Powerbuilding II

    Hello everyone,

    I've purchased, and I've been running, the BMM "Powerlifting II" program (v.3.2). I'm enjoying it so far.

    However I'm somewhat confused about the timing of the Front Squat and Romanian Deadlift variations during the week...

    The program is intended to be run on four days of the week, for example:
    Monday - Day 1
    Tuesday - Day 2
    Wednesday - GPP
    Thursday - Day 3
    Friday - Day 4
    Saturday - GPP
    Sunday - Rest

    Day 1 is heavy back squats, and then FSQ is programmed on Day 2 - the very next day. Aren't my quads meant to be recovering on this day?

    Day 3 is heavy deadlifts, and then RDL is programmed on Day 4 - the very next day. Isn't my back meant to be recovering on this day?

    I should clarify that both the FSQ and RDL variations are lower intensity / higher reps. However I'm inclined to switch them - do RDL on Day 2 and FSQ on Day 4, just to space it out a bit more, to aid in recovery.

    Or perhaps this double-whammy is intentional? Perhaps the intention is for my body to be hit again while it's recovering, to promote quicker recovery as an adaptation?

    I have tremendous respect for the BBM team, and I've found all their programming and advice to be very thoughtful. So perhaps there's a simple reason why it was programmed this way.

    I'd appreciate any insights - thanks,
    - James.

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    The stress-recovery-adaptation process is probably more complicated than what you're thinking right now. Squatting or deadlifting two days in a row is ok. And I think that many of us here at the BBM forums are already quite used to doing so.
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      I can see why this would feel conflicting, but I think JMF123 is right, and you will find that as you get deeper into your program you will adapt nicely.


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        I'm curious if there is any other leg-push stuff (squatty exercises) in there, like on day 3 or day 4?


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          Originally posted by mbasic View Post
          I'm curious if there is any other leg-push stuff (squatty exercises) in there, like on day 3 or day 4?
          Yep, day 3 has a squat movement too. :-)


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            Thanks all for your comments.

            OK I will continue the program as written. And I'll look to expand my mind in terms of a more complex stress-recovery-adaptation process, perhaps on a weekly basis instead of daily like SSLP.

            Leah, the program that I purchased (PowerBuilding II v.3.2) does not have any squat movement on Day 3 - it only has squatting on Day 1 and 2 out of the whole week (two consecutive days) and only has deadlifting on Day 3 and Day 4. This is what prompted my question, about perhaps spacing those out more.

            Ah! I see I made an error above - I'm talking about the POWERBUILDING II program, not POWERLIFTING! My error.
            Leah let me know please if you have any further insight.

            Thanks all,
            - James.


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              Yep, those are indeed different templates. There is absolutely no problem in doing those movements as written. Your quads are also used in pulling movements, right? So we don't really look at these multiple-joint lifts as ONE thing that then must have a certain amount of time to recover from.