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Flat bench carryover to overhead press

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  • Flat bench carryover to overhead press

    Hi everyone,

    Im currently trying to increase my overhead press and was wondering whether it would be better to stop flat benching altogether and replace with a high incline?

    I know the starting strength camp say you need to continue flat benching to drive up your press, just wondering what those in the barbell medicine forum think!


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    There's some carryover but I'd say incline bench has better carryover to OHP.


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      You don't need to continue flat benching in order to improve your overhead press. Make sure that you're at least overhead pressing more than flat benching in an OHP focused training.


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        Seems quite obvious to me that incline bench would have more carryover to overhead press than flat benching. The only thing flat pressing has more carryover to the overhead press than is no pressing at all.

        Just keep in mind that since incline press is more similar to overhead press it might create more fatigue relevant to your overhead press than a flat bench would. So you may need to do a bit of a lower intensity than you could get away with on flat bench.