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Bought the beginner workout the nr of sets

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  • Bought the beginner workout the nr of sets

    So there are 9 sets. But I know 3 of them are working sets. But with 10 reps for example of bench where I stop at 70 kg doing 6 warm up is a lot of sets with small weight increase.
    I read the pdf but didn't see anything about this specifically how many warm ups to do. Or it was unclear.

    Is it do 9 sets which includes the 3 work set no matter what. Or does it vary? Like with the leg press which is a much higher weight its easy to do all the warmups and build up to work set with 6 warmups?

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    You don't actually have to do 9 sets just because there are that many slots. If you are working up to 70 kg x 10 it's fine to do something like 20, 40, 55, 70 for example.

    The sets you NEED to do are the ones explicitly written out in the sheet. How you warm up to those target sets/RPEs is entirely up to you.
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