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Hypertrophy 2 - Strengthlifting 2

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  • Hypertrophy 2 - Strengthlifting 2

    Hope everyone is staying safe out there!

    I just finished the Hypertrophy 2 template and saw great strength increase (and size). Loved this template. I was going to start Strengthlifting 2 tomorrow (3/23) in preparation for my first meet but then gyms closed due to the outbreak. I have the equipment at home to keep training, I just don't have the luxury of squatting very heavy due to a cheap rack so I really can't start the strength block, yet.

    I thought about continuing to run Hypertrophy 2 since I was seeing good progress until gyms open again and everything returns to normal. Do any of you have recommendations as to where to start specifically in the template? Start back over and titrate the volume week by week? or keep repeating week 10 and base the number of back off sets on RPE?

    Or perhaps something I'm not thinking of? I appreciate you guys.

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    If I were in your position I would run hypertrophy II from the start. Perhaps you could change the exercises in the given sheet that are more closely related to SBD in place of the current setup. We have no idea when this situation will blow over, so trying to maintain or peak for that long may not work well.